Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome to the place for all things Pulp Ink...

So very soon, the crime fiction anthology PULP INK will be unleashed upon the world in a flurry of madness and ill-advised debauchery... run, run for your lives!

This collection includes twenty-four stories by some of crime fiction's best writers made for fans of the darker side of the genre 

Here's what people are saying about it:

"Tongue-piercings. Foot-fetishists. Murderous cinephiles. This gritty, grimy, giddy collection is as pulpy as they come, transcending the Tarantino reference material and stepping into its own. All because of a stable of home-run crime writers who know just what the hell they're doing." -- Chuck Wendig, author of DOUBLE DEAD and BLACKBIRDS, and dispenser of dubious writing wisdom at  

"The writers of PULP INK were raised on Tarantino, but then went and rebelled on him like all good children do at some point. Here's the future of pulp fiction, a slice of the good stuff from those surviving the brutal sandbox of modern crime fiction and emerging, scraped and bruised, to turn around and spit in its eye." -- Anthony Neil Smith, author of HOGDOGGIN’ and YELLOW MEDICINE

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